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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Lacked a writing system-Most materials were perishable-Contact was limited within the reign-Islands built complex agricultural societies-Trade network emerged between islands in the Pacific Americas and the societies that emerged in Oceania The Americas Oceania Similarities Differences Develpments Oceania Politically Limitations Americas and Oceania were forced to live under -Migrants reach New Zealand (Introduction of sweet potato)-Gave rise to Maori people of New Zealand-Gathering was more prominent then hunting-Specialized labor and an artisan class -Political strcture consisting consisting of loal cheifs -Centralization was limited due to geo-barriers Pacific islands Polynesian culture -Polythistic religions tied close with the enviroment -Cheifs served as a go between -Temples were built -Isolation limted conact with advanced technologies -No iron working, wheel, or domesticated animal -Technologies would be introduced by europeans. -Enormous sources of wealth-Complex architecture-Supporting of large populations-No effective immunity to disease Aztecs:-Monarch held power-Located in Valley of Mexico-Authoritarian -Swamp agriculture-Montezuma was key ruler Incas:-Located in Andes Mt.-Pachakuti was key ruler-Highly centralized state-No writing system-Terrace farming Americas EconomicallyAgricultural techniques:-Waru Waru: irragation systems that collect water-Terrace famring-Slash and burn (Mayan)-Swamp agricultureOrganized labor systems:-Mita:Mandatory labor enforced by Incas-Tribute: captives used for labor Americas Politically-Arranged in nomadic communities-Olmecs were one of first civilizations-Teotihuacan was first major urban area (Located in Valley of Mexico)-Loose conederation of city-states-Large empires (Aztecs/Incas) Result: Developed more slowly than other societies -Oceania was made up of islands while the Americas were continents Toltec: 1000 CE-1150 CELocation:Central Valley of MexicoPolitical Structure:-Originally were nomadic-Highly militaristic-Esablished capitol city at TulaInfluence spread northwardEconomic Structure: -Trade networks-Cultivated beans and corn -Used swamp agriculture Mayan: 400 CE-900 CELocation: Yucatan PenninsulaPolitical Structure: -Loose confederation of city-states-Social/Political Hierarchy-Lord/God king(highest class, worshiped)-Nobles(high class)-Priests(considerably high)-Merchants/Artisans(Medium in class system)-Peasants(Very low but not lowest)-Slaves (Lowest)Economic structure:-Agrculture using slash and burn-City states traded with eachother Mayan Similarities With Aztec or Inca:-Lord/God King-Human sacrifice(Aztec)-Polythesistic(Both)-Heiroglyphics(Aztec)-Fatalistic(Aztec)-City States later(Inca) -Both places contained the vast Pacific Ocean -They were both not close to many other developing country's with made them isolated Toltec similarities with Aztec or Inca:-Used swamp agriculture(Aztec)-Polytheistic(Both)-Human sacrifice(Aztec)-Trade(both)-Highly Militaristic(Both)-Quetzacotal Oceania Land Masses:-Australia-New Zealand-Papua New Guniea (G,G,and S video)-Solomon islands-Hawaiian islands-PhilippinesFor more information watch Guns, Germs, and Steel Episodes 1 and 2 (Similarity)
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