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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Horace Mann GOALS -Mandatory, standardized public education-More money for schools and teacher salaries-State support for teacher preparation-State efforts to ensure a common morality ACHIEVED GOALS IMPACT ON AMERICAN SOCIETY METHODS TO ATTAIN GOALS -Helped shepherd bill through Massachusetts legislature that created a state Board of Education and became board's secretary-Organized annual educational conventions in every county -Published Common School Journal to explore public school problems-Used annual reports required by law to discuss problems and possible solutions-Obtained funds from donors to support creation of normal schools that offered 1 year of state-funded preparation to male and female teachers -Education of women -Opening of doors for women to become school teachers -Proliferation of schools that trained women to be teachers-Opportunity for middle-class women to have professional lives -Transformed gender of teaching profession-Women took on role of not only being a mother, but also a moral guide and educator within the household and outside of it Catharine Beecher -Established a schooling system offered to everyone in order to provide them with an education THE COMMON SCHOOL CRUSADE THE COMMON SCHOOL CRUSADE -Founded Hartford Female Seminary to help educate women -Argued in her "Essay on the Education of Female Teachers" that teaching was a natural fit with women's nature and aptitudes and a natural extension of women's role in home-Raised money and oversaw the selection and placement of women teachers in the West for the Board of National Popular Education -Tightly organized school system in Massachusetts-Tax-supported public schools-System of state-sponsored teacher preparation schools-Schools=public guardian of morality Special Groups -Whig Party against Jacksonian Democrats who tried to abolish the Board of Education-Roman Catholics saw public schools as tools for conversion of their children to Protestant values-small Cincinnati publishing house of Truman and Smith published McGuffey's Reader The McGuffey Reader-lessons in reading and public speaking designated to create a unified, literate, and patriotic society -taught a common morality By Alice Liu Pd. 9
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