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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 1. Respiratory: difficulty breathing and fluid in the lungs which could induce asthma.2. Digestive: burning sensation in mouth and throat, swelling in throat as well as throat pain and vomiting. 3. Cardio: change in blood acidity 4. Integumentary: Skin disorders5. Urinary: blood in stool * Digestive System: Nausea induced vomiting ** Nervous System: Mental and emotional instability, also frequent panic attacks*** Reproductive: Low libido, bad PMS, miscarriages and infertility, and odd sperm shape **** Endocrine System: fever burning Cardiovascular System: heart murmur and aneurysm Body Systems & Symptoms Diochloromethane * Digestive System - nausea ** Nervous System - people may experience chronic headaches, dizziness, clumsiness, and drowsiness *** Reproductive System - Individuals exposed may suffer from altered fertility and change in sexual behavior, perhaps low libido or unusually high libido. Copper 500 men have been affeccted Contaminated Lake Eerie 26% of coalresources lost Just beyond the city lights, in the forest of pestilence and disease there is a lake, that appears to be flourishing with life, but is a host to all sorts of biologically harmful substances that when overly exposed to, can prove fatal. Natural Resource affected Chlorine Benzene 1. Respiratory: trouble breathing, could cause asthma. 2. Digestive: symptoms that mimic viral hepatitis, so low grade fever, muscle aches, Jaundice ( which is the yellowing of whites in eyes) and also vomiting.3. Integumentary: pigment alterations (discolored skin)4. Urinary: unusual renal function (kidney stones, and perhaps failure)5. Reproductive: changes in sexual behavior STAY OUT!!! Readers Post via Twitter:@TyDolla93 : i went for a swim in the lake and was hopitalized for 2 weeks ... sucks @KattieGotBandz : i decided to drink some of the water, and i have been vommiting for 5 days@ValleyGirl97: i am never going in that deceitful water again Diochlormethane
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