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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cyberactivism & Apple Corporation "I shouldn't have updated iTunes" Who's watching you? Turns out, everyone is In 2012, Americans began realizing that their iPhones weren't as private as they were once assumed to be If you allow third-party apps or websites to use your current location,you're subject to their terms, privacy policies, and practices. You should review the terms, privacy policies, and practices of the apps and websitesto understand how they use your location and other information. Information Apple collects will be treated in accordance with Apple's Privacy Policy. iOS 7 was tracking devices through thelocation services option, which thecompany boasted would be used primarily for locating missing iPhones and givingaid to Apple users... So as you can see, This really means that Apple is exploiting the simple fact that NO ONE reads the Terms & Conditions Most users didn't give the revelation much attention, believing that even though information was being tracked and reported, it wasn't being used for anything invasive JUNE 2013 The public meets Edward Snowden The former NSA contractor disclosed information to the publicthat he had gathered while working under Dell and Booz Allen Hamilton that the NSA was involved in global surveillancing programs Switching Sides JUNE 2014 Apple releases iOS 8 The new iPhone software features updates including a waythat would change the way we think about security and monitoring As a response to outrage, Apple phones would now implement an encyrptingtechnology that would block government information requestson the grounds that Apple wouldn't be able to get to the information themselveswithout a unique user password encryption cracking estimated to take up to 5 years iC u! "In its latest Who Has Your Back?” report, the E.F.F. awarded Apple 6 out of 6 stars for our commitment to standing with our customers when the government seeks access to their data."
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