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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] If you or anyone want to change the world youmust think different but never fear failure. The Love Of The Product Why should people buy apple products? 1. You can trust the company.2. They show true leadership.3. It just keeps on getting better.4. Its a vary pricing deal.5. You will have a good apple experience when having the product.6. Its simple anyone can use it. What is better Android or Apple? Androis was always the number two in the phone business. They tried and tried but they just can get up to Apples level.Apple brings looks, quality, and smartness what others cant bring. Why did Steve Jobs lose his job? ~Steve Jobs wasn't always so help full in those days in the apple company until he made pixar. ~He was a school drop out.~He wasn't the best leader in the company.~There were people that wanted the company more than him which was the created.~ He wanted everything to be like he wanted. How and why did Steve Jobs get his jobs back? ~He wanted to change the world in any way that he can.~In order to change the world you must think different.~Apple and the people that fired him got suppriced that he got big in other companysso they gave him his company back.~He made pixar which alot of people like in that day. How can apple change your life. Apple can change your life because of the products that can help you and make your life better.Some things that they have that can help you are Lap tops, Phones, Tablets, and smartness. About Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a powerfull man with his words and ideas. He liked competition because he said "Competition makes you better so get more enemies. In the year 1`981 he got fired from his own company but nothing stoped him from becoming bigger and smarter. Up to this day Steve Jobs is the best and smartest company maker in the world. He was born on 1955 and died on 2011.
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