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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Apple I was Apple's first product and hand-built by Steve Wozniak. Apple I had no screen and mouse,so it wasn't like modern computers. 1976Apple I 1977Apple II Apple II was one of the first highly successful mass-produced microcomputer product. The Apple II was designed to look more like a home appliance than a piece of electronic equipmentIt also was designed by Steve Wozniak. 1980 Apple III Apple didn't expect the Apple II to continue to be so successful, so they set out to design an even better system, the Apple III, specifically for the business environment. It runs twice as fast as the Apple II and has twice as much memory - 128k of RAM.Apple III is also the first Apple computer to have a built-in floppy drive. Apple spent an incredible amount of time and money developing the Lisa, for four years and $50 million. It turned out to be an unpopular system, due to its high price and few available software applications. Additionally, it was rather slow, and it has a large and complex operating system 1984Macintosh Macintosh was introduced by Steve Jobs.Macintosh also was the first mass-market personal computer featuring an integral graphical user interface. Macintosh systems found success in education and desktop publishing too. Apple Computer Design Evolution 1983Apple Lisa Apple IIGS 1986 You went into your atticwere old things are kept.You suddenly see an oldApple computer, but it isdifferent from your Apple computer. Apple computers havebeen improved over the years. They gained screens, a mouse,and more memory. Apple IIGS is a continuation ofApple II and it's designed to be backwards of Apple II.You could easily add things like expansion RAM, fancy video boards, and, via SCSI, and Bernoulli drives. Macintosh II1987 double click to change this header text! The Mac II was the first Mac that could be turned on using the power key on the keyboard. The Mac II was introduced before Apple adopted SuperDrive floppies. The Macintosh II can read and write 800K floppies in the SuperDrive too. The PowerMac 5200was the first computerwith an integratedmonitor. Power Mac 5200 uses a 75 MHz PowerPC 603 CPU. The 5200 series is closely related to the 6200 series, which features the same logic boards in desktop cases with integrated monitors. . PowerMac 52001995
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