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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Digital portfolio goMoney # of visitors = 3.54 million # Online applications = 32,829 Value transactions =$12.96 (billion) + 2% LM+ 16% LY Volume transactions= 9.65 m +3% LM+20% LY # of active users= 1.9 m +1% LM+17% LY +1% LM+36%LY +3% LM+18% LY First phase of due for migration in March.Includes: - 'About Us' tab-new promotional templates for marketing - Continue to experience challenges in testing- Issues are being resolved- Currently reviewing timelines We'll update you on progress Shield now has 23,000 registrations!Digital Protect goMoney Registration project is underway and is scheduled to present Gate 2 in early March Redesign Program is tracking wellNew features set to launch after MCP Mobile go live. These include:- Available funds on home screen- Clearer credit card details Internet Banking Fast Path 15.1 LIVE ANZ Shield InterstitialExisting IB Interstitial framework will be utilised to present targetedcustomers with one of three newinterstitial screens at IB logon. Interstitials cover Shield and Shield enabled functionality: Self Password Reset and Higher Limits Sales & Marketing Total volumes for December 79% higher than December 2013!Online applicationsNew weekly record! 7% up on last record set in August FY13Well done team! Digital update - January 2015 Implemented this month 1. SmartyPig - increase in FUM &new members2 ANZ MoneyManager - Marketing activity has seen sign-ups increased to 11,353 users3. IB4B - packages sold increase on last month but remain below target4. Mobile Banking - Logons via iPhone rose by 14%on last month5. eStatements - steady growth, up %5 on LY - Passed 'design gate', preparingfor 'plan gate'.- Build is in full swing. - New Cards pages have tested exceptionally well with stakeholders and customers Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic festive season with your family and friends, managed to switch-off and are feeling recharged for the year ahead I certainly am! Here's our monthly snapshot for the month - some excellent results in there, that I'm very proud of. I'm also proud to inform you that our customer complaints have reduced by 19% when compared to the same time last year - this is testament to our customer centric mindset. Thanks for all your efforts! Pam Coming up - Digital town-hall: 20 FebruaryI hope to see you there!- showcase 6 February Visit the Digital app for more information about our projects, our people and achievements Digital Protect MCP Program MCP Mobile
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