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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ACOMPANANTES LIDERES DE NICHO RETADORAS Las empresas Las empresas Las empresas Las empresas ocupan cuotas de mercado poco relevantes porque tienen poco poder de marca y se centran en ser rentables son reconocidas como la referencia del sector y que tiene una gran cuota de mercado se han hecho con cuotas relevantes de mercado pero que intentan mejorar algun aspecto de la propuesta de valor del lider estan muy especializadas en un submercado en el que tienen cierta relevancia the feeling of stress or uneasiness due to what might happen in the future ANXIETY desde un punto de vista de de las empresas Anxiety can be caused by:-Traumatic accidents-Spontaneous Shock-High pressure situations-When the body is alarmed Some people struggle from day-to-day with stress and anxiety because they find it difficult to dealwith. This keeps them at the bottom of their mountain of Anxiety, which they must conquer. these people are in the red, they need help. video video video Depression vs. AnxietyAnxiety is a temporary state of feeling heavy stress, but depression is an elongated period of stress and sadness that effects emotions, body's physical state, and lifestyle Not everyone canconquer anxiety. Theyeither contacted someonefor help, used a special technique, or maybe even never had stress from the start. If you have conqueredstress, you're in the green. Anxiety can lead to many symptoms-Hyperventilation.-Hot flashes or chills.-Trembling or shaking.-Brain fatigues-Overwhelming panic CONQUERER Most people are getting around to conquering stress. They're trying they're best but they can't get around to finally getting over it. Some ways up can suppress anxiety is by doing things like -Positive self talk-Telling a friend-Get more sleep-Indulge in Physical activity Mt. Stress Mt. Anxiety double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. help! This girl told her story about how she dealt with the anxiety in her life. She got help from her counselors that showed her a helpful app and eventually surmounted the stressin her life. By: BJ SquiresConnor Griffin, Drew Lange
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