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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANTONIO ANTONIO PHOTO LANGUAGES CONTACT Cashier, Mason, Painter, Assistant cook on movie "La mano nel cappello" direct by Francesco Paolucci produced by Comunità XXIV Luglio MAY-SEPTEMBER 2014 - L'AQUILA (ITALY) CREATIVEPRODUCER CREATIVEPRODUCER CAMERA ASSISTANT, SOUND, PRODUCER PRODUCTION MANAGER on short movie "Another Love" direct by Victor Perezproduced by Masked Frame Picture LtdOCTOBER 2014 - L'AQUILA (ITALY) PRODUCTION ASSISTANT, EXTRAS MANAGER on TV productions- Momenti di golf - SKYSPORT- Italian Pro Tour - SKYSPORT - Sicilian Open - SKYSPORT- EA7 Pontevecchio Challenge - SKYSPORT- Sport e fascismo. Doc. - RAI- Gigi Rizzi. Doc. - RAI- Donne, vittime e carnefici - LA7- DaySign - RAIJUNE 2011 / AUGUST 2013 - ROME (ITALY) CAMERA ASSISTANT, SOUND, PRODUCER on short movie "Un anno dopo - memory hunters" Section "New Orizons" at 67° Venezia Film Festivalproduced by Accademia dell'immagine de L'AquilaSEPTEMBER 2009 / JUNE 2010 - L'AQUILA (ITALY) GRIP ASSISTANT, ELECTRON RUNNER on production of commercials:- Ohio HD VIideo- Space Junk Media- Sprochket Fuel- Mark Burson- SOS ProductionJANUARY 2011 / MARCH 2011 - OHIO (USA) CAREER HIGHLIGHTS EDUCATION AND TRAINING ACCOUNTANT, COMMERCIAL, PROGRAMMER I.T.C. for programmer "B.PASCAL" Vote: 70/100SEPTEMBER 2001 / JUNE 2006 - TERAMO (ITALY) International Accademy of Art and Science Of ImageVote: 58/60NOVEMBER 2007 / NOVEMBER 2010 - L'AQUILA (ITALY) SOUND WORKSHOP D.O.P. WORKSHOP Prof. Michele D'AttanasioAPRIL 2010 - ROFILM, PESCARA (ITALY) MEDIA EXPERT Prof. Michele GuarneraAPRIL 2010 - ROFILM, PESCARA (ITALY) Italiano English Español Français OTHER WORK EXPERIENCE PERSONAL SKILLS Creative abilities Communication skills Organisational skills Job-related skills Computer skills IACOBONE IACOBONE INFOGRAPHIC RESUME Mulano Road, 7 64020 Castellalto (TE) - ITALY +39 333.4810375
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