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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. The Deutsche Mark lost 75% of it's value during WW1. It was after the war,however, when hyperinflationbegan Meat consumption dropped88% from pre-war levels = 50,000 deaths to starvation or hypothermia 1918 post pre Agricultural production dropped 16% The nature of the treaty caused angerand a loss of pride: Loss of land Military restrictions Germany lost 13% of its land in the treaty,including 12% ofits population ECONOMIC & SOCIAL NOVEMBERCRIMINALS right wing (USPD) some supportedthe left wing These grievances caused political allegiances to bepolarized following the war: Both attempted revolutions: The army was resicted to 100,000 men with other restrictionsalso taking effect: Sparticist Uprising Jan 1919 Kapp Putch Mar 1920 (Fatherland Party) Some supported the 1916 Nov 1923 - 200,000,000,000 D Marks antiX System Requirements antiX 13.2 ("Luddite") Latest release antiX 13 Beta 3 Latest preview Update method APT Package manager dpkg i386 and AMD64 Platforms Kernel type Monolithic (Linux) Userland user interface GNU Fluxbox, IceWM, JWM Working state Current Open source is a Linux distribution,originally based on MEPISitself is based on the Debian testing distribution.It initially replaced the MEPIS KDE desktop environment with the Fluxbox and IceWM window managers,making it suitable for older, less powerful x86 based systems. antiX was originally available in 2 flavours:Full which installs a full range of applications,and Base which allows the user to choosetheir own application suite. Release History Functions And Property 1. Minimum system requirementsare 128MB 2.5GB HDD RAM 256MB Minimum system requirements are 2.5GB of hard drive space 26% of coalresources lost These should work ok, but there are some issues (minor ones I hope) gftp and mirage are broken until they get fixed upstream. you may need to add swap and any other partitions to /etc/fstab after installation sysVinit installed versions - boot might have a long (30 secs) 'waiting for dev to be populated;. If so, edit /etc/udev/udev.conf and change "info" to "err" uncomment and then rebuild the initramfs with (as root) A load of new antiX builds for you to test out. These are alpha quality so expect bugs. All based on Debian Testing. R=RollingD=systemD version V=sysVinit version Available as core-libre (no X) and full flavours for both 32 and 64 bit. Cost of a loaf of bread: Sept 1922 - 163 D Marks Other versions of antiX are available (base and core) that allow for installation with lower amounts of RAMand hard drive space.
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