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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TOUR GUIDE LEAST WANTED DAMAGE Our environment will be ruined and more native species will die if more non-native species come into the U.S. illegally. ILLEGAL TRANSPORTATION They must be dangerous if they're illegal, they might hurt people ornative species. ILLEGAL TRANSPORTATION "They were brought into the U.S illegally." LEAST WANTED That means some non-native speciesare so dangerousthe U.S. doesn't want them near our country WATER SOURCE "Did you know that the U.S. has a least wanted list?" That means the damage the non-native species cause is very expensive. DAMAGE CAUSE AND EFFECT ON NON-NATIVE SPECIES INVADING LAKES "They can damagethe environment,native plants & animals,and even the economy." "They can damagethe environment,native plants & animals,and even the economy." If non-native species invade they can bringdiseases and we will have dirty water or nowater at all. WATER SOURCE STOP INVADERS "To stop the snake-heads,police sprayed chemicals into the water." STOP INVADERS No one can enter the waterand no water can be used because maybe the lake is a water source and it can befilled with chemicals that the police sprayed to kill the invaders. FILL THE POND FILL THE POND "The scientist filled the pond with native fish." If more invaders come, the population of native species will go down because the non-native species will kill the nativespecies. "The lake is a main sourof water for water supplyfor Northglenn and Thorton."
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