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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 TITLE ANIMATION 1958 1834 1841 1894 1905 1938 Otto Messmer Known for his creation and work of the single-frame shorts called Felix the Cat. the Phenakistoscope was the first of many animation techniques and is what in a way started all animations furthermore than the Zoetrope. His technique that he used most was frame by frame for things like a short called autour d une cabine. Excellent at filiming black andwhite drawn-animation such as with his famous continious short film Little Nemo. Well known for stop-motion animation but more importantly his skill known as stop trick. The picture here is an example of his technique. William george horner CharlesEmile Reynaud Joesph Plateau Windser McCay George Melies The Zoetrope it moves in a circle with images that look like their moving around but they are really just using two of the same images over and over. It is the first introduction to animation overall. 1958 Aardman Animation Known for stop-motion clay animation in Britain. An example of this is Wallace and Gromit. 1995 Very famous company which is loved and adored majority by kids and teenagers. Pixar greatest film by fan ratings is the CGI film known as Toy Story. Pixar One of the biggest entertainment businesses in our society and has made several movies since the 1900s but my favourite of all of them is Lilo And Stitch. 2002 Walt Disney
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