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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know animals are mimics! "Female jays also mimic sounds, suggesting that if sexual selection is the key, then the choice, at least in this species, goes both ways"(By Alice Jones National Geographic 6/17/08) "Soft bodies make them vulnerable, but they also make octopuses particularly well-suited to deception."(By Ed Yong National Geographic 12/13/09) "The octopus showed more highly controlled and rapid skin patterning than the flounder, whose camouflage was slower and less precise."(By R. Hanlon National Geographic 3/4/10) "Tiger moths thus emit warning clicks that bats learn to associate with unpalatable prey."(By Stephen Childs National Geographic 7/17/09) "Animals that mimic poisonous or dangerous animals use a defense called Batesian mimicry."(Weegy by Weegy 5/24/11 ) There are three types of mimicry that are for both predator and prey: Batesian mimicry, Muellerian mimicry, and last but not least self-mimicry. According to Mimicry is the similarities between two species. According to on 7/31/12. Camouflage is when an animal species looks like an object. According to on 7/31/12. A reason for why birds mimic might be that mimicing helps in mating. According to National Geographic on 6/17/08 Experts say elephants have vocal imitation cords making it part of a group of animals that includes parrots, songbirds, and dolphins. According to National Geographic on 3/23/05 I'm a leaf bug I'm a mimic octupus
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