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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did you know animals use mimicry to survive? "A mimic octopus is another great copy cat. It can change its body to look like many toxic sea creatures.It copies different animals based on which predators are near"(Blackaby 2-9). "Since mimicry reduces the number of apparent prey species available, the predator makes fewer mistaken attacks. The model indicated that improving the predator's accuracy in this way should save the lives of some of the prey and compensate for the effects of mimicry cheats"(Milius 136-137). "Some creatures just act like ants. Some spiders wave their front legs to look like an ant's antennae. They also walk in a zigzag pattern as ants walk. Other bugs move in groups, as many ants do. This keeps them safe since many attackers avoid groups of ants"(Blackaby 10-17). A Viceroy butterfly mimics aMonarch butterfly for protection from the hungry birds. "The birds found the viceroy just as unappetizing as the monarch, the zoologists report in the April 11 NATURE. In fact, the birds rejected more than one-third of the viceroy bodies after pecking them just once. These results "clearly refute the traditional hypothesis that viceroys are palatable Batesian mimics," Ritland and Brower say"( Walker 348). A Scarlet King Snake mimics a Coral snake to trick predators to "stay away". "A variety of insects, including some beetles and moths, mimic bees and wasps. The most common impostors are the syrphid flies: nectar-loving hover flies, drone flies and more. Most syrphids are fat, fuzzy and buzzy like bees; some are slim and hard-bodied like wasps"(Krautwurst 18). A Mantella frog mimics another poisonous frog even though the Mantella frog is toxic too. For small insects mimicking ants is a good defense. Why? It is because ants bite,sting,gang up on their attackers,and they don`t taste very good. One of the insects that mimic ants is called ant wannabes. A leaf-litter toad is fantastic copy cat. The litter toad`s back has veins that makes it look like a dry leaf on a forest floor. Eric Joerger
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