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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Did You Know That ANIMALS HAVE HUGE VOCABULARIES!!! By: Caroline Shults "Dolphins learn to do a flip on command, and they learn to associate a trainers signal with that behavior."[nova] "Communication between animals can imply messages or warnings.For example, plants send out messages via pheromones to try and attract pollinators."[Fuse School] "Animals can communicate through a variety of modes which include chemicals, known as pheromones, sound and signals, even dancing."[Fuse School] "The biggest barrier to animals communicating withhumans is that save for some parrots, most don't havethe vocal cords to respond to us in a human languageand we humans have no idea how to even begin learningtheir language. Therefore, any communication with animalsis one-sided."[Dolasia 1] "The biggest barrier to animalscommunicating with humans isthat save for some parrots, mostdon't have the vocal cords torespond to us in a human languageand we humans have no idea how toeven begin learning their language.Therefore, any communication withanimals is one-sided.”[Dolasia 1] The three primary purposes of animalcommunication are to make identification,give location, and influence behavior.Themost important communications occurbetween members of the same species.EX. Ants leave an odor trail that the otherants can follow from the nest to a foodsource.”[Discus britannica school middle] There are five types of signals or displays:sound or vibration, visual, chemical, touching,and electric.the most effective way for ananimal to give information is by a sound display.Sound spreads rapidly, and other animals in thevicinity can readily tell from what direction itcomes. ”[Discus britannica school middle] Killer whales communicate throughsound because sight isn't veryaffective underwater. Theycommunicate through whistles,echolocation clicks, low-frequencypops, jaw claps, and pulsed calls. Eachpod has its own unique language. [partsof Fuse School video] Animals communicate with each otherin many different ways such as visual,sound, movement or body language,vibrations,smell, and echolocation.[wikipedia] There are vocalizations and nonvocalways of sound communication. Visualcommunication is like scratches on atree from a bear.[Discus britannicaschool middle] A touching pattern can conveyinformation between animalsof the same species. Whena monkey or bird groom eachother it communicates acceptance.When canines mock fight it is toestablish or reestablish dominanceor rank in a pack.[Discus britannicaschool middle] Producing or receivinginformation is the act ofcommunication [Discusbritannica school middle]
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