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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Animal Captivity Orcas are swimming free in the sea but suddenly a bigblack shadow appears abovethem the net lowers down , and a poor calf gets taken away .Animal Captivity is a serious issue , it has serious affects on people and theanimals . Its causing animals to have serious health affects , make the animals go insane , and decreases wild animal population . Blackfish Health Effects When animals are in captivitythey tend to have many healtheffects they would not have with proper care.Animals in captivity can get health effects easierthan a wild animal usually does. Animal health effects is not just physical effects it can be mental too.Health effects can get very severe if not treated correctly , the first orca to be held in captivity died in three days because she kept on banging her head on the sides of the enclosure. Animal health effects could be avoided easilyif animals were not held in captivity . Restricting Enviroment For Animals As you can see from the chart, artificial habitats are minuscule in comparison to their natural habitat. Decreases in wild animal population is happining quickly, the causes of animal population decreasingis rare or endangered animals being sold.Wild animals can be sold online or somthingcalled a blackmarket, when you sell these wild animals it makes their population go down a little more each time. A high demand for captive animals and animals to poach ,these animals are a very high demandon the blackmarket. Decreasing in wild animal population "Dont support Zoos and businessesthat profit off of animal cruelty!
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