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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 by Benjamin Carson Rawlinson Does animals experience human emotions? DIRECT INDIRECT From the earliest Greek and Roman philosophers until well into the 20th century, a prevailing scientific view was that animals were incapable of expressing emotions as humans do.( A new review of animal emotion suggests that, as in humans, emotions may tell animals about how dangerous or opportunity-laden their world is, and guide the choices that they make.( Animals might not analyze their emotions the way humans do, but they do experience them, according to Jaak Panksepp, a professor andresearcher at Washington State University. ( TAKE RUTH OSMENT, who says her two cats, Penny and Jo, feel sorry for her when she criesrunning to her and drying her tears with their fur. ( Many people have seen their pets behave in a way that suggests that they experience emotions. For example, some dogs whimper when their owners leave the house, and some cats seem jealous of other animals. ( many animals display there feelings to people, but what they show mostly can help us to really figure out whats happening on the inside.( scientists have shown many animals intelligences far greater than ours.(YES!.com) also humans use animals(mostly dogs) as emotional help and can be allowed anywhere with that human or owner with a legal I.D.(The New back farther in history, we can also see that laughter and happiness was also found in chimpanzees and apes.( also, if scientists are able to find out the reason behind the chemistry in animal emotion, it could lead to cures to certain emotional states.(
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