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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 services enrolling in ... from pain to peace. We'll take the journey with you... Pet Parent Peace of Mind Program Cat Rabbit Bird Fish $875 $730 $670 $200 $35 ENROLLMENT: $25/year or $100/year depending on if your vet is a partnering vet. *See website for list. Angel's Paws Services With the Peace of Mind Program, you can truly relax and enjoy the time you have with your pet, knowing that when your pet gives you the sign, (day or night), help is a phone call away. Once enrolled in the Peace of Mind Program, you can select any combinationof services including pet hospice, home euthanasia, private cremation, funeral and memorial services, grief counseling and support groups. How & When Do I Enroll? Enroll online at or by calling 513-489-PAWS. We are a multi-disciplinary teamof veterinarians, registered vettechs, human therapists andchaplains focused on providingquality end of life care for yourpet. About Angel's Paws believes pets are members of the family. We are passionate about providing support to families through the loss or impending loss of a pet. We are a multi-disciplinary team of veterinarians, registered vet techs, licensed human therapists, chaplains and volunteers. Prices vary. It's never to early to have "Peace of Mind". When your pet is showing signs of aging discomfort or your pet receives a terminal diagnosis- please contact us.
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