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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 iPad 2 iPad Mini K-3 ClassesiPad Mini 4- 5 ClassesiPad 2 FUNCTIONALITY per unit $ 309 $ 380 INTERNET FRIENDLY Nikolaos Chatzopoulos iPad Mini 1. 2. per unit 1 The iPad 2 is this category's winner. Internetapplications and websites with videos and modules require an abundance of screen space. iPad Mini PORTABILITY iPad 2 iPad 2 The iPad Mini is a clear winner in this category. iPad Mini The iPad 2 prevails in this category because currentlythe iPad Mini is not optimized for PARCC Testing. The iPad 2 might be ideal for 4-5 students because:* 4-5 students are developmentally bigger and have bigger desks to accommodate the larger size of the iPad 2.* 4-5 content is more detailed and packed with features, so more screen real estate is essential.* 4-5 students use collaboration apps such as Google Docs or Edmodo. Such apps look overcrowded on the small screen of the Mini.* 4-5 content is more rigorous and requires the students to write longer solutions or reports on the screen, which makes screen size relevant.* 4-5 students will use the iPad for content creation. Researching, highlighting, adding notes, and other similar tasks can be accomplished easier on the iPad 2's bigger screen. The iPad Mini might be ideal for K-3 students because:* K-3 students have smaller hands and desks and will handle and accomodate the smaller iPad better and easier.* K-3 content typically has bigger graphics, which makes the need for a bigger screen unnecessary.* K-3 students may not be developmentally ready for content creation, which makes the iPad Mini the best choice for them, since the Mini is perfect for consumption. 2 COST (for educational institutions) iPad 2 The iPad Mini wins this category but without asignificant margin since both tablets are highly portable. iPad 2 iPad Mini Create by Sources: PARCC TESTING Battle for Dominance in the Elementary Classroom vs.
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