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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Friend ship Nine The Friendship Nine was a group of African American men who decided to go to a "White Only" diner and sit inside until they were served. The first sit-in happened in February 1960 when four black students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University sat down at a segregated diner in Greensboro. This movement spread to the South. This even made it's way to Rock Hill. On February 12th about 100 African American students went to "White Only" diners and refused to leave until they were served. That following year was full of sit-ins in the city. Jail, No Bail! When the men refused to leave the diner, the police were called. The men chose to spend time in jail instead of paying for refusing to leave an all white diner. This action started the "jail, no bail" strategy. John Gaines, Thomas Gaither, Clarence Henry Graham, W.T. Massey, Robert McCullough, Willie McCleod, James Wells, David Williamson, Jr., and Mack Workman were named the Friendship Nine because eight of the nine men attended Friendship College in Rock Hill. Thomas Gaither was the only one of the nine that didn't go there. Important Fun Fact Background Conclusion One week after the men known nine men were released in February 2015, Frederick Taylor made a documentary of the same men. This documentary was filmed in October 2014. Taylor had any idea that the men would be released a week before the release of the film.
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