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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Double click to change text Andy was born in 2000, and he is a healthy boy, he normally grow up under the great cares of his parents. At the age of 6 he got in the primary school in Beijing, However, he was not really a good student at that time, Because he often disobey his teacher and did not put effort to his work Andy came to Canada since 2014 because of his awful grades and bad attitudes at school, his parents decide to kick him out for a period of time as punishment, but it could be a gift for him as well. And he wish god has planned his life well in the future. His life is not too bad since he came to Canada. Because there is no pollutions, no strict rules as it was in China, not too bad. He found his hobby is to play soccer and study the pholosophy and religions with the meanings of life. However, the biggest problem is that he is not as hardworking as the students in China, it supposed be one of the advantages he has as a Chinese student. Andy wants to be successful, and find meaning in his life. He realizes that the efficiency in studying does help him to accomplish the goals. So he started changing already. Andy believes that the world is unfair to the majority of people, especially for those who are starving and poor. He thinks as a responsible person he needs to contribute to his country and society. He will be helping to create as many opportunities as possible for the kids who cannot afford the educations Andy's life will be considered as successful by himself in the future if he achieves his life goal Andy Guan's infographic
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