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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ancient Greek lives HomesAncient greek homes were very small with a wide walled garden.There houses were madeout of sun dry mud brick.Rich Greeks had slaves and villas. Clothes The Greeks wore loose and light clothes as the weather was hot for mostof the year. Long pieces ofcolurful fabric were used tomake Greek clothes. Slaves Most people worked as teachers,doctors, nurses, construction workers,police men, hair dressers, mail carriers,cooks, nannies, bakers, miners, farm hands,dancers, musicians, crafts people, accountants,were slaves for the rich. Marrige The parents choose the man they marry. So thelady had no choice so thelady was not allowd to leave the house double click to change this header text! Food The Ancient Greeks grew olives , grapes, figs and wheat and keptgoats for milk and cheese. They ate lots of bread, beans and olives.In the summer there were plenty offruits and vegetables to eat in thewinter. Pets and toys Dogs, birds, goats and mice were pets for Ancient Greek children butrich Greeks had cats. Children playeda games slightly like basketball. Schools The Greek schools were small.They had one teacher for at leastten or twenty boys and girls didn'tgo to school they stayed at home andworked Boys started at seven and finished at fourteen years old. In themorning they learnt how to read andwrite and do simple maths.They worked in one room that had stools or benchesbut no desks.Greek children read out loudand learnt poetry.
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