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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Population: 10 to 13 milionHistorical Landmarks: Acropillis- ancient citadel that contained other ruins from the ancient city of Athens. Sanctuary of Asklepios- a huge stone theatre devoted to the god of medicine, Asklepios. Temple of Apollo in Delphi- a temple of ruins in Greece dedicated to the god Apollo Mycenae- citadel that was a major Greek centre.Languages: the Greeks were the first Europeansto read and write with an Alphabet. Trading: This was their major element of the Greeks way of life. Ideas like transporting goods, goods being bought, sold, and exchanged were practicedby the Greeks. Ancient Greece Hades Homer Hermes Hera Zeus Map of Ancient Greece Greek Gods and Godesses Homer is believed to have been born in 800 BC and died in 701 BC. His is historically known for his to poems: The Iliad and The Odyssey. These works of literature had a huge impact on Western works of literature becasue these were the Western pieces of literature. Timeline Zeus is the god of the sky and thunder. He is considered the king of the gods and men. Hera is the god of women and marriage. She is the wife and sister of Zeus. Hades is the god of the underworld and is the brother of Zeus and Hera. Hermes is the god of transitions and boundaries. He is the son of Zeus. Poseidon is the god of the sea and is brother to Zeus, Hera and Hades. Poseidon Social Classes- In ancient Greece there were different statuses that people maintained. There was the rich businessmen that were at the top. Then came the regular citizens. After the citizens came the poor citizens/ peasants. Underneath them were the women and children. At the bottom, there were the slaves.Military- The military was very important in ancient Greece. With all the invaders like the Persians, the Greeks were always training and making their army better especially the Spartans. At the age of 7, Spartans were taken away from their homes and but in barracks and they werent allowed to leave the army until death or the age of 60. The beginning of the ancient Greece Era: 1100 BCThe Iliad and Odyssey were written: 760-710 BCThe Persian Wars: 546-470s BCThe Delian League is formed: 470s BCThe Golden Age of Athens: 477-431 BCThe Peloponnesian War: 431-404 BCThe end of ancient Greece: 146 BC
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