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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The relationships of all the systems is very important because if homeostasis didn't exist and there was no balance in your body you couldn't function the proper way, it's like if the wheel of a car is flat or something is wrongwith one of the engine tubes it just doesn't function in the proper way therefore disturbing the flow of the car and preventing it from functioning the proper way . Anantomy Infograph Sabur Woldu Integumentary system Urinary System In this unit I learned that skin I the largest organ , and what the skin does is regulate the body temperature , and protects your flesh from being exposed . Also another thing I learned about was the three degrees of burns and the harm they each cause to your skin. The urinary system consists of you getting rid of all the toxins in your body , the uretha is the thing that drains your bladder . I also learned an interesting fact that you're bladder can actually fall out f your body , if you've given natural birth , its not very common but it does happen. With the respiratory system it was the system that I had a the best understanding of and the air you breath in and steps to get inside. Taking a path through from the nose to the pharynx to the trachea . I had a hard time with this unit because I couldn't get the labeling on the heart correctly , I also had a hard time because I didn't understand which side was oxygenated and not oxygenated blood and the grouping of blood types . Ciculatory system The reason why I had such a hard time with this unit and test was because I didn't memorize how to classify them based on the groupings below. 1. Epithelium- lines and covers surfaces2. Connective tissue- protect, support, and bind together3. Muscular tissue- produces movement4. Nervous tissue- receive stimuli and conduct impulses In this unit I didn't really have a hard time I thought until I saw my grade was low . what I got from this unit is that food travels through the mouth , esophagus , stomach , small intestine , large intestine , rectum then to the anus . The problems I had in this unit were understanding and being able to labels the 3 types of body planes , transversal , fontal and medial . Homeostasis/ Transport Histology Respiratoy system Digestive System Relationship of the systems
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