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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What content is bringing traffic? bringing registrations?What keywords are resonating well?Who are influencers? What social channel is most impactful? Analytics - Vision 2015 Goal : Provide data and insights to stakeholders through interactive , visual and exploratory experience enabling proactive and active decision making EMAIL Visual Analytics : TABLEAU EVENT Data Analyts , Omniture and Email Analysis $65K Email Metrics & Customer Interaction AttributesCampaign stats Lead Scoring DashboardLead Nurturing Pipeline Dashboard $65K OPERATIONAL INTELLIGENCE BI Analyst EVENTS STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE Exploration and Insights: What content should we write to bring more registration?What keywords or interest areas match with the buying cycle?What should be the content of our new Event? Data-warehouse: Customer Attributes & Insights What has happened at our Event campaigns?What Marketing codes is bringing traffic/registration?Marketing Channel Performance & Scorecard Who is most likely to attend the event?How to optimize marketing channel distribution?How many names to acquire to sustain the growth? What has happened? What is happening now? What will happen ? Why is it happening? How is it happening? $40K Solution Existing CI & Marketing Resources Existing CI Resource $130K Who is most likely to opt out?Which factors influence Campaign effectiveness the most?What various segments can be created from the past behavior? R Modeler cum Statistician(Data Scientist) SITES & CONTENT + Social 2014 H1 2015 Static PDFs & Excel Sheets Interactive & Real-time What has happened? + + + TABLEAU + + Why did it happen? REPORTING BI Analytics Capability UX Capability + $65K
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