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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Their is a myth that the amount of fur animals loss in the fall will determine the severity of the upcomingwinter. So if that happens then in the spring during shedding season, what will happen to the animals?will we have a bad summer depending on how much fur the animals loss? will the animals go bald over time? So... Some animalshave hairand not fur. ( animals withhair do not shed. That's whywe have to cut their hair instead.) animals fur sheds naturally. But some seem to think that the amount of fur an animal losses will determine the severity of the upcoming winter.and if this were true then what would be true about them shedding in the spring? 50% of animals shedfur.In the fall andspring. could animalswith fur who shed in the spring go baldin the summer?(If their was a badupcoming summer ) animals onlyloss their fur mostly for survival, allergies, insects, poor nutrition, or their fur could just be dead .( dead fur would also cause shedding.) 30% of animals do not shed at all. the amount of shedding would alsodepends on the type of animal, and its genetics. 10% of animals shedall year round. FULL could their be a myth(in the future) in the summer for the amount of fur animals loss?could you prove or disprovethe idea that the amount of fur animals loss in the springwould determine the severity ofthe upcoming summer?or that animals could go bald during a bad summer?
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