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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Battles of saratoga To 5 geoge washintons troops are marching to meet king georgesthere're out numberd 1 the americans lose60 men the bitish lose 500 they expet backupthat will never come but if it had the war may have changed as they arrived the British had the upperhand being ontop of the hill in the end the amicans win taking the forts and the Spanish deciding to join themon the ocean front the British expect an easy battle of with ragtag soldiersthat will lay down there wepons as soon as they see the british fightingforce what they got was nearly amassacure summary another outcome for this eventwold be if the British Reformation had arrived the British would likely havebeen victorious and come out on top and the Spaniards most likely would never have joined the American cause and the amriacas may have never have existed and if they did they may havebeen called somthing else 2nd Outcome I agree with the outcome because 1.I'm American so Merica!2.ragtag group of Americans ( or colonists) get together and defet well weathered and well trained soldiers 3.then a smaller power house in the world thinks that well put our very last cards on a small group of rebalsand convicts (that may have just been looking for an exquse to infict physical harm) 3 good reesons to agree they were justifidedat this point weather they ahd started the war or not their homeshad been taken ifthey were lukcy if they were unluckythey were looted and burned and nothing left Justifed?
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