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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1968-1979 Presidents Richard Nixon- 1969-1974Gerald R. Ford- 1974-1977Jimmy Carter- 1977-1981Jimmy carter created the Department of Engery and the department of Education. Dente Easing of tensions between the United states and Russia.Characterized the signing theHelsinki Accords and SALT I. Ended the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan. A period that roughtly took place in the middleof the cold war.Rondald Reagen ran on the campaign anti-dente. . Iran Hostage Crisis Led by Ayatollah RuhollahKhomeini.Fifty-two Americans were held hostage for 444 days.A group of Iranian students took over the United states Embassy in Tehran.Marked the beginguing of U.S. legal action that further weakened the ties between the United States and Iran.The hostages were released just minutes after Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. Camp David Accords Signed by Egypitan President Anwar El Sadat and Isreal Prime minister Menachem Begin on September 17th 1978."A Framework For Peace in the MiddleEast".:Establish anautomonous self-governing in theWest Bank and Gaza Strip and fully implement resolution 242.The accords regoninized the rights of the Palesteinan People.President Anwar El Sadat wasassaninated by dissatisfied Islamic extremeists. Oil Crisis 1973, Members of OAPEC proclaimedan oil embargo.Oil went from three dollars a barrel to twelve dollars a barrel.The effects of the embargo wereimmediate to the exportingcountries.A national maxium speed limitof 55 mph was put in place tohelp cut down the use of oil and gas.The Oil Crisis demonstrated the Finical and International powerof Saudi Arabia.
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