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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Trying To Be Cool Trying To Be Cool "Trying To Be Cool" is a song by Phoenix. The song is about a guy who wants to prove himself to someone and feel valuable. It's about putting up anexterior like you're better and cooler than what you really are. "City and desert coexistDepending on the things you're wearingWildlife binocularsTell me that you want meTell me that you want me" "Cool, I'm just trying to be coolIt's all because of youSome fanatic attitudeWe're both on" "Gruesome, I don't care where you're fromNothing's that personal" "Open for business says it allYou can't go wrong" "Compliments sound too cynical where you're fromTell me that you want meTell me what they want is" In this lyric, the repeated phrase is Tell me that you want me. It goes along with the desire to succeed, to be accepted and well liked. Its moreimportant to be liked based on your looks and social status than your inside. In this part of the song, the singer talks about how hes trying to be cool to impress someone. In a similar way the American Dream is about getting a job and buying a house - material things,that looks good from the outside. Possibly to impress others. This part is hinting about working hard, and aslong as you work hard you cant go wrong. Its about being driven and pushing through to get where you want to be. The overall message is that nothing needs to be too personal. It doesnt matter where youre from - youre here now and thats what matters. The American dream isnt about where you started but where youre going. When working hard for a dream its easy to getfocused on your goal to the extent that you dont care about anything else but getting there. Vocalist Thomas Mars said about the song:"It's about failing. When you're in a rock band, you transform yourself into a hero, a kind of god-like figure. But the really great artists are more clever than that ... Being cool is boring."
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