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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 They indians really didnt like that the settlers were taking thier land so the Indians askesd supreme court for some land back or a contract they traded and were mean to the indians took thier land and caused wars american indians had a tough life when the euorpeans came and took all thier land Americanindians Europeansettlers cooporation The indians had to trade to get good with the europeansthey had conflicts with themselves and the settlers. Because the settlers were not fair and the Indians fought back and lost but that showed that the indians wanted thier land back. The Indians and the settlers cooporated by trading goods being allies in war and more.But not always there was co-op there was also conflict about land and claimsBoth the Indians and settlers wanted land but the settlers took over and killed and torcherd the Indians. A man named wampanoag welcomed the settlers (not a good idea.) and treated them like family also showing them how to survive. The Native Americans at first were so happy that they started naming food and stuff like that after the settlers. The settlers came all friendly but then started claiming all the landeven though Indians had it first.And they had knives and guns conflict happend w/ them vs them even them vs American indians. The settlers were not fair to each other etc. England claimed part of spains land so conflict happend. if you want to read in 120 zoom it might be better
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