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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Medieval Torture Chair of Torture/ Iron Chair The chair of torture is a chair that has been built with spikes. Also known as the Judas or Iron chair these devices could have as many as 1,500 spikes. Just sitting on the chair wont really hurt as much, so there are various restraints that are put on and tightendso that there can be more pain to the person.The chair is not intended to kill them but the blood loss from all those punctures can cause an infection and may kill the person in the chair. Pear of Anguish The Pear gets its name because it is pear shaped. It was a favored form of punishment for women whod had abortions, homosexuals, blasphemers and liars. The pear has four leaves that open away from each other as the screw at the top is turned becoming wider and wider at the base. Its mode of use was to insert it into the offending orifice. So this could be the anus, vagina or mouth. Once in place the crank was turned how far it was depended on the sadistic whim of the torturer. The Rack The rack was popular throughout Europe in the MiddleAges. The rack involves the victim being laid out with their feet tied to one end and hand to the other. Then the pressure was applied stretching the poor person. As the ropes were pulled tighter the bones would detach from each other with a sickening crack as the cartilage and ligaments snapped. From pulling the ropes so much the force would eventually tear the person limb from limb. Judas Cradle The person being punished would be suspended in a harness above a wooden pyramid. As the torture went on the person would be lowered further onto the pyramid.This would stretch the orifice to breaking point, at which point the muscles would tear. The torturers could control the degree of pain by oiling up the pyramid and/or dropping the victim onto it repeatedly. The process could be short or it could go on for days with the victim being left suspended overnight.If the torturer decided to finish the victim off quickly then weights could be added until the person was effectively impaled. It is said that the Judas cradle was rarely, if ever washed.
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