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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The habit of grinding/clenching the teeth while awake or when sleeping Fast Facts about Bruxism: People with Bruxism: 1/21 2030% of the community grinds their teeth occasionally in people experience serious cases of children grind or clench their teeth Can be triggered by excessive alcohol and drug use Most people are unaware that they grind their teeth while asleep Improved by concentration, stress and sickness Dull headachePainful or tight jaw musclesDifficulty in opening the mouth wideEnduring pain in the faceDamage teethBroken dental fillings Emotional stressDrug useLack of water in the bodyWrong dietSleep problemsDental work problems People with Bruxism: Fast Facts about Bruxism: Bruxism Symptoms Bruxism Causes Relaxation and awareness techniquesCounselingGrinding mouthguard Ways to Treat Bruxism Ways to Treat Bruxism Bruxism Causes Bruxism Symptoms INFOGRAPHIC PROVIDED BY: Complimentary Dental Exam Dental Check up Cosmetic Dentistry Invisalign Implant Dentistry 246 La Trobe Tce, Geelong, VIC 3220 (03) 5229 5856 Reference: Copyright 2014 All Smiles Dental. All Rights Reserved Call us today! Bruxism How it Affects People and their Dental Health? Bruxism How it Affects People and their Dental Health?
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