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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 INSCURITIES "Specifically people (skewing younger) are misusing the social media tools given to them and creating false impressions of themselvesthat fueling their own insecurities as well asthe insecurities of their own peers'' SOCIAL MEDIA PROBLEMS IN LIVES "Data also revealed that two thirds of respondents said use of social media cites had difficulty sleepingafter using social media and 25 percent admitted to difficulties in relationships because of "confrontationalonline" behavior". "Those who said their lives were worsenedby social media also reported feelings lessconfident after comparing their achievementsagainst those of their online friends" double click to change this header text! "More than half (53%) of the respondents said use of socialmedia sites had changed their behavior with half (51%) of those saying that impact had been negative" FACEBOOK.COM TWITTER>COM UNEASINESS "Forty five percent of respondents said they feel ''worried or uncomfortable" when emailand Facebook are inaccessible, while 60 percent of respondants stated "they felt the need to switchoff" their phones and computers to secure a full fledged break from technology. "Over half (55%) of respondents said they felt "worried or uncomfortable"when they couldn't get onto their social media or small accounts" Although Social Networks like Facebook can be helpful these are the many effects that it has.
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