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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How to be a Pro at Studying Tips for studying: double click to change this header text! Tip one: Study for a appropriate amount of time. -You should study about two - three hours per class/subject-having thsese habits will help you be less stressed studying -be sure to have detailed planner or calender-more efficient then nothing at all-Have somewhere you look everyday- so you remember everyday -Studying for a appropriate amount of time-Have a good detailed planner-Prioritize your assignments-Don't get distracted/tempted -Have a good study environment-Stay organized Tip two: Have a good detailed planner -focus more on new classes or the class which your grade needs improvement-remember to study harder subjects first, if you study with a fresh mind you will be better off Tip three: Prioritize your assignments Tip four: Don't be tempted -be prepared to expect being distracted. -main goal is to get good grades- homework should be your main priority, put it before social life and activities-if you understand what your weakness's are you will be more likely to resist them-reward yourself after a good study session Tip five: find a good study enviorment -more then just finding somewhere quiet-you'll find that one place that makes studying a whole lot easier-some perfer coffee shops, so they have some background noise Tip six: stay orginized -being organized is critical when it comes to studying- put materials around and easy to access before you start studying-use separate tabs, folder, or binders for each credit (subject/class)- be sure you have everything you need, do not want to interrupt study session-your brain in full gear while studying-online studies or classes,orginize your files on the computeer Alice Beal
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