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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Algerian War of Independence Symptoms of the coming revolution The Old Regime During the beginning of the19th century the French colonized the African country of Algeria. A new government was put in place with a political and economic structure that was rigged in favor of Europeans. Soon, France's economy rendered Algeria's useless. As a result of this, the French became discriminatoryagainst the locals, who were given fewer rights then theirEuropean counterparts. France's treatment of the Muslimsled to riots across the country. Many ofthese conflicts were violent. These riots eventually became the Comité Révolutionnaire d'Unité et d'Action (CRUA) The group of rioters later became the National Liberation Front, or FLN, in 1954. By: Ethan Brown The newly formed FLN started to use guerrilla warfare to attack the French stationed in thecountry at the time. On May 8th, 1945, the Sétif Massacre, an attack on the French army, led to the death of hundreds of Muslims. Crisis: The FLN takes action The Battle of Algiers Ben Bella, the founder of the FLN, used propagandato get Muslims to join to the revolution. This eventuallyled to a year-long battle where the FLNused bombings and assassinations. During this period,Ben Bella was captured. The FLN eventually lost the battle, which led to the FLN using propaganda to make the French seem like they mercilessly tortured their victims, Not all Muslims were fighting with the FLN, though, Markis, Muslim soldiers fighting for French, claim to have killed over half of the FLN soldiers. Healing: Algeria becomes independent Charles de Gaulle, the French Prime Minister, eventually decided that Algeria was not worth keeping. He met with the FLN and tried to negotiate peace. During this period a mass exodus occurred when over 1 million French returned to France betweenJanuary and July of 1962. This helped peace efforts. A peace treaty was finally developed in1963 when Algeriabecame independent. They formed a Socialist form ofgovernment and Ben Bella was elected president.
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