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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Visual and Verbal Learner Visual Verbal By Alfonso Calderon My two types of learning styles are visual and verbal.I have always been a hands on type of learner with explanation. For my work during trainingI always have to run a scenario over and overvisually so understand what needs to be done. Introduction Characteristics Learning Strategies Characteristics I have are thatI can visualize a scenario inmy head. I'm a bit of a daydreamer.I can sometimes rememberwhat I saw the first time andapply it.I can understand verballyif spoken step by step. As a visual learner for onlinelearning is going to be difficult because I don't haveaccess to examples on what apaper needs to look like. WhenI read I sometimes lose trackof what I read so it's hard to put a picture in my head. If I can I would go to google and try to find examples. Kinesthetic learning is going to beeasier. As I progress throughthis online course I'll be gettingplenty of hands on format writing.Kinesthetic learning is describedas "a hands on learner and most likely love to move aroundfrequently, like athletics, andto build things with your hands."(, Learning Stylesquiz. Kinesthetic learners.) Conclusion My conclusion is that I am a visual and verbal type oflearner. Kinesthetic learner is my learning style.If I can see and hear about what I have to do and thenget hands on, I can succeed in my education and getmy goals accomplished. I plan to switch over to inclass learning in the next few years.
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