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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Fact 1: Dr.Bernard Harris was the first African-american to walk in space. Fact 2: "Hello Darlin" by Conway Twitty was played in space. Fact 3: Earth is considered a satellite because it orbits the sun. NASA INFOGRAPHIC! Space Spin-offs! Satellite TV uses the same technology that NASA uses to fix errors in spacecraft signals. The technology in ear thermometersare also used to take thetemperature of stars and planets. The material in scratch-resistant lenses are used in a "dual ion-beam bonding" process. First Satellite to orbit Earth1957The Soviet Union launches Sputnik. First human in space1961Yuri Gagarin flew into spaceon the Soviet Union's Vostok I. First American in spaceMay 25, 1961Alan Shepard went on a sub-orbital flighton the Freedom VII. First American to orbit Earth1962John Glenn orbits Earth three times. First Woman in space1963Valentina Tereshkova (Soviet Union)went on the Vostok VI alone for3 days. First space walk1965Alexei Leonov (Soviet Union)walks outside the Vostok IIfor 10 minutes. First deaths in space1967Americans Virgil Grissom,Ed White, and Roger Chaffee diein a fire on the test flightof Apollo I. First moon landing1969Neil Armstrong on the Apollo XIis the first man to touch the moon. First space rescue1970Mission control saves AmericansFred Lovell, Fred Haise,and John Swigert after an air tankexplodes on the Apollo XIII. First space station1971Saylut I is launched by theSoviet Union. First American space station1973America launches Skylab, butit is damaged during launch.Three crews are sent outto repair it. First Mars landing1976Viking I lands on Mars. First American woman in space1983Sally Ride was a member of thecrew on the STS-7. First African-American in space1983Guion Bluford rides on the flight right after Ride's. First civilian death1986The first teacher in space iskilled when The Challengerexplodes.
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