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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Buena ortografia Psychology of Love Actualizacion permanente Buena redaccion By: Alexis Karr Perseverancia Criterio Pasion porlo que haces 5 Song About Love: 1. We Found Love Rihanna 2. Oh Hey - The Lumineers 3. One and Only Adele 4. Video Games Lana Del Ray 5.It Will Rain Bruno Mars double click to change this header text! People believed that wedding rings were worn on the left hand because that vain ran directly from the fourth finger to the heart. 3 Female Flirting Tips: 1. Use the boys name when talking to him, but only once or twice. It personalizes the interaction. 2. Use a lot of eye contact. 3. Make sure or try to get into his personal space but only briefly, it conveys a certain language and positive vibe. Robert Sternberg is anAmerican psychologist and professor who has a theory on intelligence and creativity. Oxytocin is known as the "love potion" because it affects our behavior and pair bonding. Most popular reasons why people date: 1. Chemistry.2. The connection level. 3. Share same life goals. Love is blind was termed from the idea that there are area' s in the brain that control critical thoughts that are suppressed. Love remains American's top reason to marry. 3 Stages of Love: 1. Romantic Feelings 2. Physical Attraction 3. Emotional Attachment A flirting tip for males is to make a good first impression.
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