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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alexander The Great's Life Alexander The Great was one of Greece's most famous leaders he had one of thebiggest empires he had Egypt and he had Greece and he had Persia and he hadhe was the son of Phillip II and Olympus he was taught by Aristotle from age 13 to 16 Aristotle inspired him with an interest of Philosophy, Medicine, and Scientific investigation then left in charge of Macedonia in 340 after Phillips attack on Byzantium Alexander defeated Maedi a thracian people two yearslater he commanded the left wing at the battle of Chaeronea In which Philip defeated the allied Greek states and displayed courage which broke the sacred band of Thebes a year later Phillip divorced Olympias and after a quarrelat a feast held to celebrate his new marriage Alexander and his mother fledto Epirus and Alexander later went to ILlyria shortly afterward he returned but his position for Heir was jeopardized then Phillip was assassinated and Alexander acclaimed the army Alexander succeeded without opposition. he at once executed the princess Lyncestis who was alleged to be behind Phillips murder along with possible rivals and the whole faction apposed him he then marched south recovering a Thessaly and at a Greek assembly of the Greek league at Corinth was appointed generalissimofor the forthcoming invasion of Asia already planned and initiated by Phillip.Returning to Macedonia by way of Delphi he advanced to Thrace in 335 and after forcing the Shipka Pass and crushing Triballi crossed the Danube to disperse the Getae turning west the he defeated and shattered coalition of ILLyrians who had invaded Macedonia.meanwhile a rumor of his death had precipitated a revolt of Theban democrats. Other Greek states favored Thebes and the Athenians urged on Demosthenes voted to help. In 14 days Alexander marched 240 miles from Pelion from ILLyria to Thebes. When the Thebes refused to surrender he made a entry and and razed the city to the ground sparing only temples and Pindars house. 6,000 people died and all survivors weresold into slavery. The other Greek states were cowed by this severity and Alexander could afford to treat Athens Leniently. Macedonian Garrisons were left Corinth Chalcis and the Cadmea. ."Alexander the Great." Britannica Middle School. Piedmont Middle School, Monroe, NC. Web. 12 December 2014. <>. Alexander had a horse that he loved morethan anyting his nem was Becefulus he trained it when he was a kid soit ment more than anybody else so when he died the city he died in he named after him. When Alexander's armywent intobattle he went with them so it would be fair
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