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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Encourages Alcohol Use Among Young Adults? By Caroline Andrews Advertisements ~A number of studies have concluded thatadvertisements on television and billboards haveincreased the practice of binge drinking among teens. ~Another study has also concluded that, onaverage, for every ad for an alcoholic beverage ayoung person saw, he or she was likely to drinkapproximately 1% more alcohol than they had previously. Exposure double click to change this header text! ~Another study conductedin South Dakota deducedthat 12-13 year olds that have exposure to beerdisplays willbe more likely to drink by ages 15-16. Life At Home ~Parents who drink frequently are more likely to have children who drink at dangerous levels~Parents who allow their children to drink athome in hopes of teaching them to drink responsibly are actually giving their childrenthe idea that they are allowed to drink more away from home.~Parents that are extremely controlling and/orpunish their children excessively are more likelyto have children that drink more frequently and in greater amounts than children that have beenraised in more lenient environments. Peer Influence ~The thought that most other teens drink gives teens the idea that it is acceptable for them to drink.~PEER PRESSURE: Being directlyencouraged by others to drink will causesomeone to feel that they have to drinkalcohol. Societal Influences ~Many young people believe that they must drink in order to fit in or to climb up higheron the social hierarchy.~Societies that have high drinking cultures willhave alcohol involved in many social situations,which send the message to young people that it is a completely normal practice to drink frequently, which will then cause them to drink more. Outside Activities and Sports ~Young People that participate in other activities and sports are lesslikely to drink. Age ~Being exposed to alcohol at ayoung age makes it more likelythat that person will abuse alcoholas they mature.
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