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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Ai Weiweiartwork are you? Ai Weiwei (艾未未), born on August 28, 1957, is a contemporary Chinese artist and activist. His work reaches an international audience, and much of his art involves critiqueof the current Chinese government, including several pieces about censorship. In your free time, do youA. People watchB. Babysit C. Hang out with friendsD. Volunteer How do you handle to stress?A. Become very boisterous B. Become very tenseC. Buckle down and get workingD. Get help from friends What is your favorite city?A. L.AB. RomeC. BerlinD. Beijing What is your music genre of choice?A. ElectronicaB. RockC. AlternativeD. Classical Where is your ideal vacation?A. At home B. At a spaC. A busy cityD. Visiting family What is your favorite literary genre?A. BiographyB. Non-fictionC. Graphic NovelD. Poetry Now its time to count up your answers! As are 1 point, Bs - 2, Cs - 3, and Ds - 4. You are extremely friendly and personable, and dont have many enemies. You are, however, a perpetual over-sharer. Given the opportunity you will talk endlessly, so many are often surprised when you also turn out to be a very good listener. Your piece is the Weiwei Cam, which started April 3, 2012, after Ai was released from police custody where he had been held for 81 days under what many felt were false charges. Ai set up several webcams in his home, mimicking the surveillance of his house arrest, and working with ideas about what transparency means. These webcams were available online for anyone to see, but only lasted just under two days before the Chinese authorities told him to take the down. 6-10 Points You are very cautious, intelligent, and a bit of a rule-follower, but get easily frustrated with rules that are not fair. You have a strong sense of responsibility, and it helps guide you through tough situations. Your artwork is the Surveillance Camera (2010), which is a marble statue that creates an image of the surveillance camera that is a useless object. In fact, instead of it watching you, you are are watching it. 11-15 Points You are creative and rebellious, and when something needs to get done, you step up to the plate. Looks like your artwork isnt by Ai Weiwei at all! Yours instead by graffiti artist Tang Chin, also known as Tangerine, and was created after Ai was taken into custody for economic crimes. The piece was created as a way to raise awareness and public outcry for Ais arrest, and it was her mission was successful. This particular example, one of many graffiti pieces she created, is a stencil that reads, Whos Afraid of Ai Weiwei?” and Tangerine worked diligently to get this message up all over Hong Kong. 16-20 Points You are reflective and thoughtful, but your gentle demeanor hides a steely core. When you see a wrong, you always act. This means that you are Remembering (2009), an installation piece in Munich, Germany. It is made out of childrens backpacks, and the Chinese characters read, She lived happily for seven years in this world. The quote is by a mother of a child who died in the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, after which Ai and many others led an investigation to find the names of the children who died in the tragedy. This put enough pressure on the Chinese government to eventually release this information themselves after previously refusing to do so. 21-24 Points
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