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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 1 7 5 4 Delta US 2 Air Canada DAY PASS $14HOUR PASS $5GOGO INFLIGHT INTERNET SELECT FLIGHTS 3 DAY PASS $14HOUR PASS $5GOGO INFLIGHT INTERNET SELECT DOMESTIC FLIGHTS United Lufthansa 6 HOUR PASS $11FOUR HOURS $17DAY PASS $21PANASONICMOST FLIGHTS Air China FREE WIFI NO LISTED PROVIDERNO INFORMATION ABOUT WHICH FLIGHTSNOT ALLOWED ON SMARTPHONES 10 MB WHAT DOES YOUR WIFI GET YOU? 1 minute of video 100 webpages download 2 songs ---------------- download 5 photos 1 GB 100 minutes of video 10, 000 web pages 500 photos 200 songs Emirates MOBILE $2.75TABLET/LAPTOP $7.50 (starting at)ONAIR SELECT FLIGHTSWORKING TOWARDS FREE WIFI ON ALL FLIGHTS 44 airlines that provide wifi service There are currently Turkish Airlines FREE FOR BUSINESS TRAVELLERSPANASONICSELECT FLIGHTS MOBILE PRICE $1.95 DAY PASS $14ANNUAL DELTA PASS $469GOGO INFLIGHT INTERNET ONLY US DOMESTIC FLIGHTS ------------------------------ -WHAT WOULD PASSENGERS GIVE UP FOR WIFI 6" of leg room ability to recline their seat beverage service using the restroom in-flight snacks 24% 32% 22% 13% 42% 8 Southwest Airlines DAY PASS $8 PER DEVICEROW 44PROGRESSIVELY ACROSS ENTIRE FLEETS 9 10 Singapore British Airways HOUR PASS $14DAY PASS $25T-MobileSELECT FLIGHTS HOUR PASS $11.9510 MB $9.99ONAIR AND PANASONICSELECT FLIGHTSPRICES DEPEND ON FLGHT SOURCES: Would would passengers do for wifi: mb. vs. 1 gb.: flight wifi airlines: WIFI ON MAJOR AIRLINES BY TALINE MCPHEDRAN AND MAHAM SHAKEEL
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