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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Guide To Organising Your Closet Are you having trouble Organizing your closet?Do you keep on looking for a shirt and finding out that you kept it with your pants?Well, then keep watching this Info graphic to make your life easier and organized! First, Which System makes you more comfortable? A good system means that your clothes will always be at reach! Which system do you prefer? Folded Clothing Hanged Clothing Folded clothing is good for, T-shirts, jeans, pants, long and short skirts, cardigans, sweaters etc.. Hnaged clothing is good for, Shirts, blouses, jackets, cardigans, dresses, etc... D.I.Y TIME! FUN FACTS The earliest wardrobe was a chest. Chests, like the steamer chest below, may have traveled across oceans and many lands. Oh, the stories they could tell. Hangers can be SOOOO annoying especially when the clothes keep slipping off. a good way to prevent that from happening is to fabricate them. you can design it with any color, pattern, texture, and design. its a fun way to use your time wisely! Why Fabric Hangers? Why not create your own sized Mannequin A PERFECTSOLUTION!!! remember! Why not build a mannequin and dress it up with clothes before you wear it to see how it looks! A great way to keeping your jewelry safe especially the rings is to make a ring box. a very organized and neat way to see all your rings at once. D.I.Y. Ring Holders Put all your bags, boxes, blankets, etc... Put all of these things at the top of your closet Hang up your dresses here. you can use the D.I.Y. fabric hangers here so that your dresses don't fall. a great idea to make it more organized is to sort it by colors. Keep your shoes in your closet. when picking your clothes you want to make sure that you match your shoes to your clothes. so instead of picking your piece of clothing and everything and then finding out that its not the same color of your shoes or that they don't match. keep your shoes close to your clothes. hand up your favorite shirts and make sure that they are also in color order and use the fabric hangers. on these racks fold your sweaters, your winter clothes, your jeans, your pants, accessories, hats, scarves, etc... This is how your closet should look like!
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