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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Good CV Generic NameEmail: Phone:07000 000 000 Personal Statement: Make sure your Personal Statement is made specifically for the job positionyou're applying for. Date Order Jobs: Order your Job roles in date order. Making sure you include all your achievements. Make everyday dutiesinto achievements. Try to make them quantitative. Anyone can make their achievements qualitative,it doesn't prove anything. Also try adding how this improved things for your superior. As job titles don'talways show how your role included more senior level work, include all senior level work you did. Gaps In Employment: Address why you had gaps in employment, this will remove any doubts for them Qualifications: Include all academic qualifications. Volunteering: If you have done volunteer work, make sure you show it in your CV.This is becoming a big thing when looking at candidates for a job role. Hobbies/Personal: Firstly; remove every lie from your CV. If or more likely when an employer discovers a lie, there is a 51% chance that they will dismiss you from the process. Secondly; Try to make it less wordy, we are all happy with our 2 page CVs, but the closer to 1 page you can get it the better.Thirdly; and this one is probably the most important. Make sure it reads well, and is grammatically correct and no spelling mistakes. Silven Recruitment 0845 003 6872
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