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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Age of imperialism Causes Causes the whitemans burdenthe whites mans burden was when the Europeans were "forced' or had a "burden" to civilized the people of the country they were taking over. They forced the africans to give up their religion and learn Christianity. new resourcesThe industrial revolution created a need for new resources and materials. People needed materials to technology and weapons . They used coal to create gunpowder. Territorycertain colonies wanted landSo in order to get it people fought Indians. They had no respect for tribal boundary's. Which started conflict with the Indians that lead to war effects opium wars As a result of the open door policy the British started importing the drug opium into china. The amount of opium addicts alarmed chines official.when they tried to ask Britain to stop importingopium they refused. Their refusal caused conflict between Britain and china the British refused since they were gaining so much money from opium. Which started the opium war over if opium should or should not be imported. Medicine New remedies were created form new materials that people got from the places they colonized. The medicine people created with the new materials helped cure disease's such as malaria. The medicine also helped with advancements in technology which helped create more effective medicine. educationAs a result of imperialism there was a advancement in education African Americans learned math and science.people gained knowledge and were learn about the different countries they colonized. People also gained a new understanding of different cultures.
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