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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 8 8 Data that calls on us to spay, neuter, and adopt our feline fellow citizens. DEATH TOLL... CONTACT US 860-465-4526 J. Eugene Smith Library Room 109 EasternStudent Advising Professional Advisor* Faculty Advisor Staff member in the Advising Center Faculty member in the major field Comprehensive advising with a focus on academic planning and orientation to Easterns academic communityand graduation requirements. Focus on working with students on the successful completion of the major, University requirements for graduation and career preparation. Dual-Advising Model Once transfer students earn 30 credits and first-time students earn 45 credits, they will work solely with the faculty advisor The Advising Center helps students achieve their educational goals and timely degree completion through sound academic planning and support, assistance with college adjustment, and referral to relevant campus-wide student support services. THE MISSION THE MISSION 95 95 3,033 3,033 12 12 The number of visits to theAdvising Center last year The percent of freshman that completed an "Eastern in 4" Academic Plan in Fall 2014 Peer Advisors trained and ready to help fellow students Professional Advisors 48 48 Hours per week the Advising Center is open. Stop by! We're here for you! Visit us to complete an "Eastern in 4" Academic Plan Stop by if you need help exploring and selecting a major We will help you connect with academicand extracurricular resources We're here for general academic and personal support throughout your transition to Eastern. Stop by if you are having difficultiesin a class 48 48 12 12
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