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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Educate Yourself EMRA Health Policy Committee ons/Health-Policy-Committee -Power points, articles on key policy issues -Health Policy Fellowship Database -Social media streams with updates of important news -EM Advocacy Handbook - available as a free download -Link to health policy rotation for med students A Roadmap for EM Advocacy A Roadmap for EM Advocacy ACEPACEP - -911 Legislative Network - Weekly update from ACEP regarding the most important legislative news affecting our specialty Social media can be a great way to have information delivered to you every day!Follow @EMadvocacy on twitter Donate -Give a shift with NEMPAC, ACEP's political action committee representing your interests-Donate to the EM Action Fund, support EM policy research Q: What's the greatest Nation in the world?A: Donation Join In -ACEP-EMRA-AMA-State EM and medical societies-Boards and committees within professional societies-Hospital Committees-Political campaigns Communicate -Contribute and discuss via social media-Discuss with fellow residents, give a presentation during didactic time-Contribute letters to the editor for the local newspaper on important issues-Write articles, publish to magazines, newsletters, blogs etc. Advocate -Attend ACEP's Leadership and Advocacy Conference, May 3-6-Start speaking to your representatives, make phone calls, write letters, see them at town hall meetings-Invite a representative to spend a day in the ED
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