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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The way in which the business creates an image of the product or service in the consumers mind. Companies do this through consistent advertising campaigns, which make that business different in the market, giving them acompetitive advantage. Strategy Advertising strategy is the way in which a business will get its target audience to by its products. Many factors influence the advertising strategy such as the geographical location of the target market, advertising budget and the pricing strategy used for that product or service. Media Media is the means a business is able to mass communicate to their customers through ways such as TV, radio, newspaper etc. Types Of Advertising There are many different ways in which a company can advertise to its customers. However the right method depends on a variety of factors, for example the advertising budget. The method of advertising chosen also depends on the target market.For example if your target market reads the newspaper often then that would be the most appropriate method of advertising. Newspaper Newspaper adverts are one of the most cost effective advertising methods. The main benefit is a businesscan reach out to a widerange of there customers. Magazines Magazine advertising is a very effective way to reach out to a niche market of potential customers, as there are magazines for various subjects. Also it is useful if your product or serviceadvert needs to be portrayed in a stand out, colourful format.However if you need to reach out to customers in a particular geographical location then this method of advertising is difficult. Radio adverts are useful if you want to reach out to a certain target market as different people listen to different radio stations. However they lack the visual aspects of other forms of advertising, which helps consumers, remember the advert,therefore remember the product. Radio T.V T.V advertising is the most effectiveway to advertise to a large market. However TV adverts are very costly as the cost of the advert depends on a variety of factors e.g. time slot, the TV program. Outdoor Outdoor advertising are methods such asbillboards and adverts on transport e.g. buses. This method is effective when reaching out to a large customer base,as it is likely many people will see the advert regularly, which means more people will remember the advert. However billboards have limited information or they are difficult to read in a short space of time. Online this is a very affective method ofadvertising as it enables companys to reach out to a global audience at a reasonable cost. Therefore companys can also attract new customers rather than focusing on a target audience. A target market is a specific group of people that a company focuses the selling of the product on, wherebythe advertising campaigns are focused on selling to that specific target market. Intergrated marketing communications (IMC) IMC is the combination of different promotional methods such as direct marketing, advertising, sales promotion and PR, In order to achieve the market objectives. IMC goes on the basis that all of these different promotional methods have to work together in order to achieve a successful marketing campaign. Direct marketing Direct marketing is when the business personally communicate straight to the customer through advertisingmethods such as email, text, leaflets etc. It Can be beneficial as it is always likely to bring back positive results, because if a smallpercentage of customers who received direct marketing respond, then it can be considered as a success and it enables a company to sell directly to there target market.Issues of this method are if the business is not only selling to the target market, therefore they are advertising to customers who may not interested in there product or service. Sales promotion sales promotion is the activity a business undertakes in order to increase sales. These activities can be discounts, BOGOFS and freebies. Sales promotion is effective in increasing sales in turn giving the company a larger market share. However sales promotions can be costly for a business especially when going on for a long period of time. PR public relations is the way a company communicates with its customers to then build a relationship with them and give the business a good public image. Positive PR can be achieved directly orindirectly with the customer with methods such as events, news releases and statements made to the media etc. What makes an effective ad? Differentiate your product from competitors... this gives a customer an incentive to buy the product as it gives them a practical/emotional benefit that no other products can. Use your target markets language... this will help your customer understand your advert as they can relate to it. Directly address your target market... Use words such as you in your ad so customers think you are speaking directly to them. Call to action... Gives customers an action you want themto take which ultimately is to encouraging them to buy your product. Be specific... be specific in what your offering your customer so they know exactly what benefit thy are getting for example dont say discounts say half price. List the price... customers need to know the price of the product they are buying. If your strategy is competitive pricing, then use that in your ad. References Bing ads. 2014. How to- what makes an effective ad. Retrieved from 2014. Direct marketing. Retrieved from dictionary. 2013. Branding. Retrieved from 2014. Advertising. Retrieved from, L. 2014. Apple: its all about the brand. Retrieved from Government. 2014. Business industry portal- types of advertising. Retrieved from Dictionary. 2013. Integrated marketing communications. Retrieved from Economic Times. 2014. Marketing. Sales promotion. Retrieved from Public relations. 2012. Introduction to public relations. retreived from dictionary. 2013. Advertising strategy. Retrieved from Branding Advertising Apples successes are mainly down to the brand itself rather than the product. Apple won brand of the year in 2001 and spent $100 million in marketing the iMac. Its not only the advertising campaigns that build a brand but many other components such as how the company deal with customers. It is the trust the customers have in the brand, which gives consumers trus