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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Advantages and Disadvantages Both advantages and disadvantages can be divided into two categories - economic and social Economic advantages of cities include:-access to work, industr, trade and income-providing companies with huge numbers of customers, making it easier for them to sell their goods and services-offering best access to transport, such as majorhighways, ports, railway lines and airports (known as infrastructure)-wide range of various jobs available to those wholive in the city, which involves little trailing and education-are the birthplace of new ideas and inventions, such as skyscrapers, subways, elevators, cameras, the ipod and the internet-many famous humans lived in cities, such as William Shakespeare and Albert Einstein-share ideas and resources effectivelySocial advantages of cities include:-access to schools, hospitals, other services and events such as entertainment and cultural events-having a higher concentration of people in a smallarea-easier and cheaper to supply services-has an enormous range of goods and services-provide residents with essentials, such as water and electricity-provide residents with non-essential services, such as movie theatres and art galleries-obvious choices for new arrivals-best opportunities for employment-can help to make or cities dynamic and vibrant places of Cities Environmental disadvantages of cities include:-changing the natural environment in many ways-the people, factories, cars and industries basedin cities often pollute the air, water and soil-essentials and non-essentials often have to be transported long distances, creating even more more pollution- place an enormous amount of stress on the natural environment-as our cities and suburbs grow, forest and grasslandsare cleared, lakes and wetlands are drained and rivers are dammed-soft earth is replaced with hard surfaces (concrete)-disastrous consequences for native animaland bird populationsSocial disadvantages of cities include:-overcrowding-rising house prices-lack of schools and hospitals-converting farmland and green spaces to residential areas-competition for services and resources can bestretched beyond their limits-traffic congestion-rising in costs of housing, food and utilities-waiting times for schools, public transport and medical care-rates of crime increasing
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