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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THAT FRIGHTENS THE WORLD. TRUMAN DOCTRINE MARCH 12, 1947 U.S. PLANE SHOT DOWN BY COMMUNISTS CONNECTION THE U-2 INCIDENT HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT DIRECTLY LED TO THECOLLAPSE OF THE FOUR POWER PARIS SUMMIT. RELEVANCE THE CONNECTION THAT THESE TWO EVENTS HAVE ARE FEAR. THE US SENT THE SPY PLANE IN TO COMMUNIST AIR SPACE TO FIND MISSILES OUT OF FEAR. WE FUNDED TRUMAN IN HIS FIGHT TO STOP COMMUNISM IN GREEK AND TURKEY. THE TRUMAN DOCTRINE HAS RELEVANCE WITH TODAY BECAUSE IT STOPPED TURKEY AND GREEK FROM BEING COMMUNIST NATIONS. double click to change this header text! Making a garden trellis double click to change this header text! step 1:Measure 3 inch from the top of the to find the center of both sides of catch 2x4s step 2:Take the 1x1 and nail it to one 2x4 make sure you place the nail on the center you measure step 3:Take the second 2x4 nail the 1x1 by using to center step 4:Take one of the corner bracket and screw it to the inside corner of where the 1x1 and 2x4 meet to create a right angle [90'] repeat step with the remaining corners you should have attached 4 corner brackets step 5:Once the top frame is secured place the wire fence in the inside of the frame cut the fencing 4feet and 4inches long step 6:find the center o6 the 2x4 and staple the wire fencing on the top and sides of 2x4 step 7:attach the 1x1 to the where the fencing THE INFECTION OF THE COLD WAR THE COLD WAR IS A INFECTION, MAY 1, 1960 TRUMAN ASKS FOR $400 MIILLONDOLLARS TO FIGHT COMMUNISM INGREEK AND TURKEY ends see step2 step 8:screw all 4 the corner brackets to the 4 corners see step 4 step 9:staple the bottom of the fencing to the 1x1 step 10:spray paint the wood pieces of the finish trellis
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